The “Winter School 2016” reviews

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to take courses. All information turned out to be very relevant and informative, and the course on organizing activities aimed to the formation of ICC was the most useful.”

“All the information in the program of the winter session was essential and useful for my pedagogical practice at school”

“All classes were useful, but what I liked the most was the ICC assessment taking into account the requirements for educational results in ICС, examples of the test tasks, types and forms of educational activities for the ICC formation and development”

“I learned a lot about the new tool for assessing the ICC. The peculiarity of this tool is using atypical task for ICC determination”

“The course program is entertaining and informative. I got a lot of information necessary for my work”

“All the information that was covered in the courses is very informative and interesting. The examples of developing test tasks for various components of ICC, processing test results were considered. Also we highlighted the factors that influence the formation of ICC. All webinar topics were relevant and useful.”

“I found the tasks for students very challenging. I am interested in testing my students using the ICC Literacy Test.”