The results of monitoring of information and communication literacy assessment at students of the Novosibirsk region, stage 1

2366 students of 8th and 9th grades from 60 schools of Novosibirsk Region took part in the assessment. 

We also included a questionnaire for teachers, wich was devoted to different aspects of using Information and communication technologies in teachers professional activities. The questionnaire let us compile information about the practices of ICT in the educational process, and also relate them to the level of IC literasy of students. 772 teachers took part.

The general level of IC Literasy of assessed students can be described as high.36% of assessed students have the highest (advanced) level of ICL. 28% of students have basic level and 2% have the lowest (developing) level. Another 27% and 7% fall into the intermediate categories "above basic" and "below basic".